Careers at S.D.Y.P The Movement

Lead A&R & Executive - Job requires ambition , drive , passion , and hunger . You must have an eye for great talent and be able to sell our company to this great talent . This Job isn't an hourly position but you earn comission off of each sale. For every distribution client you earn 50% commission and we have two distribution plans $29,99 per year and $100 for 5 years so that's either a $15 commission or a $50 commission . For every management client you sign up you will earn 20% commission and we have management plans ranging from $100 a week - $50,000 a year . so that's a $20-$10,000 commission . For every Merch Client you sign up you earn a 15% commission and Merch Deals have a set up fee of $250-$1,500 so that's a commission of $37.50--$225 commission. 

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