S.D.Y.P On The Rise is for Artists , Producers, Poets , and Business . Our site gets thousands of visitors everyday and we're affiliated with Major Labels , A&Rs , Music Execs , Talent Managers , DJs & Venues .  so we came up with this contest not only to give you all something  to do but to give you all some exposure & recognition . Once you sign up to be a S.D.Y.P On The Rise Candidate you will be added to our site and database for life .  So even if you don't win; you will have a chance of getting more exposure & be able to tap into our site with unlimited resources. 


Submission Fees : $10 for Models , $10 for Poets , $20 for artists , $20 for producers 


80 % of the proceeds will help fund our Non -Profit Organization " Be Soberminded , Take Control and 20% will go to make our company a better platform for artists , labels , and managers . 

What Does the winner get?

  1.  Cash Prize up to $500 or Instagram growth for 3 Months ( Valued at $900 ) 

  2.  Mentorship , Management , Distribution, or Publishing  Deal

  3.  Merch Deal Where we supply you with merch store & take care of Order Fulfillment , Shipping , and Printing 

  4. And Free S.D.Y.P Gear

How Do I get Started ? 

  1. Create you an Account at ww.sdypthemovement.com/account/users

  2.  Update your profile & Account information & User Profile

  3. Go to On the Rise Submission form by Clicking Here

  4. Make sure you following us on instagram & Facebook @sdypthemovement

  5. Text us at 786-567-8803 to let us know you just signed up. We then will send you the link to your webpage to start getting your votes . Usually gets done the same day but can take up to 24-72 hours.

Rules To Getting To Your Votes  

  1.  Once Photo is posted on Instagram & Posted on Facebook Start promoting making sure they not only like the picture but also follow pages 

  2. Have them Create an Account at ww.sdypthemovement.com/account/users

  3.  Update your profile & Account information & User Profile

  4. Go to S.D.Y.P On the Rise  by Clicking Here or you can just send them your direct link

  5. Once they get to your webpage they will vote by clicking on the hearts

So to sum it all up they must create an account on our site and following us on social media accounts for your votes and likes to count  . And the winner will be chosen by the amount of votes on our site , likes on instagram , and likes & shares on facebook .

Also just for your knowledge we will choose a winner ever month and we will choose a winner at the end of a 12 month period.