Establishing An Artist Name

Many artists start off without establishing an Artist Name & this is very important for so many reasons . First off you don’t want to use common names like John or Mike ; if that’s your name you need to add something to it to make it Unique or make it your own. You don’t want to have to have your fans go on Spotify & they don’t know which John or Mike to listen to ; or even worse they listen to the wrong John or Mike and you they think you’re an horrible artist. Establishing an Artist Name is the start of you taking your brand , career , & online presence more serious . So we suggest all artists before they start putting out music to follow these steps :

1. Figure out your Name

2. Verify your name make sure it’s not already on music platforms

3. if you have funds for it go it trademarked ( if not not no worries . 4. Start changing all your social media to your name and if you can’t get your name on all social media please don’t put dots or underscores in your user name at official , thereal , iam , Im , real , or something in that sort to your name . 5. Sign up with a PRO , Hire You a Publisher/ Publishing Administrator , & register your music ( refer to this article if you dont know what a PRO is )

6. Find you a distribution service & distribute your music and if you would like to know more about distributing your own music with with S.D.Y.P’s system

7. Claim Your Artist Profiles on Google Play , Amazon , Apple Music , & Spotify .

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