Pushing Your Single to The Radio

Being an Independent Artist & Even Independent Label we're always trying to find ways to get heard and as we all know getting our single on the radio is one of the most common ways to get heard .

So first thing first if you're looking to reach out to Large Radio Stations You want to know who you should contact whether it be the Program director , A Specific DJ , or the Station's producer; pretty much you want to find out who decides to gets the tracks played at those radio stations .For smaller stations without a staff you should be able to find their contact info online ( Via their website or social media ) .


Some stations will only accept submissions from certain sources or in a specific formats, so please do your research to make sure you're doing things the right way before sending anything.

Have you found the contact details of the decision-makers at the stations you’re targeting, but there’s no clear information on how you can submit tracks? You can reach out to them : ask if they're accepting new music , the requirements , & the format you should send it in .

But send Sending an electronic press kit, press release or one-sheet including links to 1-3 of your best tracks is the most common way to approach radio stations, as well as press publications and blogs. The key is to make your email or press pack stand out and grab their attention. Make sure your tracks are clearly named and don’t send mp3 files. Instead include links to your songs ( Not Spotify or Apple music links , but google drive , dropbox , or wefiletransfer links )

Some people prefer to send or receive physical copies of their music to radio stations, but this is becoming less and less prevalent. Generally, DJs and stations receive the majority of their submissions and demos in digital format.

Don’t expect to get your track played on a huge national station right away. There are millions of artists out there in the same position as you.

But it's ok . There are plenty of independent, student and internet radio stations accepting submissions from up and coming bands and artists.

Contacting genre-specific stations is also an effective way to get airplay. If you’re an emerging rapper, send your track to a hip-hop broadcaster, or if you play thrash metal, make sure you’re contacting a station that regularly plays your style of music.

Ultimately, the most effective way to get radio play is to create a buzz around your music organically, develop a loyal fan base, and force the radio stations to take notice.

There’s no guaranteed formula for success when it comes to generating a buzz around your band. Just get out there, play live as often as possible, connect with your fans and the music biz, release music on iTunes, Spotify and other stores, and most importantly, make great music! If you need help with getting your music on all major platforms please contact us

If you make great music, but you’re struggling to get the radio airplay you deserve, it could be time to hire a radio plugger.

With a Radio Plugger ; they already have a list of contacts all ofthe major radio stations . So when you hear a song playing over & over at a station it because of that radio plugger gettign that artist's music into the hands of the decison makers tat the radio stations .

If you would like to hired a radio plugger please email us at info@sdypthemovement.com or Text Us at 786-567-8803

We have 3 different Radio Plugging Packages

One that Plugs Your Single to Over 1,000 Radio stations for $300 plus tax

One that Plugs Your Single to Over 40,000 Radio Stations for $1,500 plus tax

One that Plugs Your signle to over 350,000 Radio Stations for $5,000 plus tax

The blessing of it all though is if your switch over to our distribution we cover half of the cost !

Also before you plug any of your music to a radio please make sure you're registered wth a PRO ; if you don't know what a PRO is please refer to this article : https://www.sdypthemovement.com/post/what-is-a-pro

If you haven't already watch this breif introduction of our Company


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