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S.D.Y.P The Movement Now Sets it's Clients up With Free Merch & Design Tools

Updated: Feb 21

S.D.Y.P The Movement Launches S.D.Y.P Stores

S.D.Y.P Stores is the Merch & Apparel leg of S.D.Y.P The Movement where you can find our latest Merchandise , Apparel , & Gear while representing a brand that actually stands for something . Also we assist many brands , companies , artists , labels , & entrepreneurs with merchandising & order fulfillment so please dont be afraid to contact us .

Allowing S.D.Y.P To activate a new Tool for it's Clients

Developing a brand as an Artist , Label , & Manager is very important when it comes to giving your fans , clients , & supporters something to actually support & represent . But here at S.D.Y.P The Movement we understand that most don’t have funds like that to just be purchasing merchandise whether it be Hoodies , T-Shirts , Mugs , Pillows , & etc . So we’ve come up with a free Merch & Design tool for our distribution clients . With this free Merch & design tool any release you distribute through our company you will have access to place it on thousands of Mugs , Hoodies , T-Shirts & Pillows. From there we will create you an online store and stock gear in our warehouse ( prepping your gear to be printed and shipping at no cost to you ); so pretty much we cover complete order fulfillment and you get to start receiving a split of the profits on something you didn’t pay for . Allow you to focus on selling a product t

One of the main reasons artists , labels, & managers are slowly start to join “ S.D.Y.P The Movement “ .

If you’re ready to get started you can get started with our distribution by clicking here :

Right now it’s a one time set up fee of $109.25

( In which pricing will change in a week )

for getting the distribution deal with our Company .

This Includes :

Your own system to distribute your own music or your clients music

Distribution for Unlimited Releases

No limit on Artists or Sub-Labels if you’re a Label, Manager, or Distributor

Distribution Tools

Publishing Tools

Promo & Marketing Tools

Merch & Design Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Artist & Label Management Tools

Be advised we’re in the middle of closing a new software deal so we’re upgrading our system . Should be up in a few weeks so all of these prices will change . It would be best if you hop on before the prices change so you can reap the benefits and be grandfathered in .

To find our more about our company please watch the brief introduction giving by Our Owner “ Skeet Da Yung Poet “ here on YouTube :

You can also check out his latest feature in Voyage Miami Magazine check it out here

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