S.D.Y.P The Movement Partners Up With Audible Magic

Updated: Jan 13

What does this Mean for you if you're working with "S.D.Y.P"

S.D.Y.P The Movement delivers material to Audible Magic to ensure that it isn't illegally shared across outlets.

Rights, respected.

Audible Magic’s identification technology backed by one of the largest content registries offers the industry’s most accurate content ID system. Safeguard both legal access and streamlined identification. With Audible Magic, you can confidently:

Verify the proper rights holders of video and audio content, original music recordings, or covers

Ensure legitimate usage of music, movie, and television content online before upload

Simplify business licensing, legal obligations, and royalty distribution

Ensure legitimate usage of music, movie, and television content online

Monetization, managed.

Whether you already have or need licenses, Audible Magic has knowledge and experience to cost-effectively help businesses monetize media assets. With Audible Magic, you can seamlessly:

Access direct or pass-through licensing agreements for your platform

Use available metadata to efficiently clear licenses

Gain knowledge of what UGC content is allowed to be monetized

Leverage our long-standing relationships with leaders in the U.S. and international markets

Royalties, paid.

Effectively managing the accounting and payment of royalties can be daunting for all those involved whether you are a platform, society or label. With Audible Magic, you can comprehensively:

Understand what media assets were leveraged and identify ownership

Minimize over or under claiming

Access data linking master recordings with compositions

Streamline back-office operations with a consolidated content management system

Please Email us at info@sdypthemovement.com or Text us at 786-567-8803 to find out More info


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