S.D.Y.P THE MOVEMENT SIGNS X Da HUSTLA to Distribution , Publishing , & Management Deal

X Da Hustla states that when he first found out about S.D.Y.P he was kinda just lost not knowing what to do with his music. Living in Atlanta at the time,Skeet Da Yung Poet reached out to him.He mentioned.. "I don't know if it was destiny or what but we clicked." From X Da Hustla's past situations he was kinda hesitant of it all but with consistency from Skeet he stated he felt it was needed for him to jump on board.

"I still was running from actually signing a contract and running from my true calling. I stopped and decided to really focus and commit." says X Da Hustla.. After signing and releasing his first debut single "Show No Mercy" and seeing the reactions from everyone in his life it just motivated him even more.


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