What is a PRO ?

Many Songwriters, Producers, & even Independent Publishers haven’t been giving the knowledge on Publishing and what a PRO is .A PRO is a Performance Rights Organization ( I.E:BMI,ASCAP,SESAC, etc ) ; in which every songwriter must register with a PRO. But shouldn’t register with more than one .Most Societies Focus on the Country they represent ( I.E: Us , Canada , Africa , Etc ) . So what that means is if you don’t have a Publisher or Publishing Administrator you would only be able to mainly collect performance royalties in that Country . Also that’s only Performance Royalties ; you’re still owed Mechanical , Sync , & Print Royalties . Having a Publisher/ Publishing Administrator allows you to collect royalties with all societies in all Countries while also collecting all of your publishing royalties ( Performance, Mechanical , Sync , Print, & etc ) . Yes you could start a publishing Company but to do it and do it the right way ; you would have to register with all proper societies in all countries & that would cost you over $7,000 . To hire us it’s setup fee of $155 , but guess what if you’re on our distribution plan you receive a publisher/publishing administrator for free for your roster .

Most artists that write their own music don't understand that when they go to distributing music through these DIY Distribution Companies . That they still need sign up with PRO & find a publisher or Publishing administrator ; You may think your distributor is cheating you on royalties 9 times out of 10 they aren't . You're just missing out on royalties from not being set up with a PRO & a Publisher or Publishing Administrator .

You can sign up for our publishing emailing us at info@sdypthemovement.com or texting us at 786-567-8803

We accept all forms of payments :




Western Union

Walmart to Walmart

so just let us know your preferred method of payment so we can get you started

Also please be advised that publishing is free when you're signed up with our distribution plan that's a one time set up fee of $109.25 .

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