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Record Labels

J.T.B Ent
P.G.M.G Global
P.G.M.G ( Positive Grind Management Group ) was created for independent Artists & Independent Labels . We understand it's a struggle while you attempt to grind positively . Also we understand as a team it will be easier to keep pushing & not get discouraged . So we partner with our artists & Labels by fronting up to 60% of the distribution cost. Also due to our new partnership with S.D.Y.P The Movement we can now give our clients the tool they need to further their career as young C.E.Os & Artists. Lets keep grinding , lets keep striving , and lets keep doing it the postive way .
S.D.Y.P Ent
S.D.Y.P Global
Our Mission Statement is to always provide Global Distribution to all independent labels and artists. We focus on the movement of music knowing that distribution is destined to be in total control. S.D.Y.P Global stands on," you gotta work hard for what you want".Businesses are booming everyday GLOBALLY.
S.D.Y.P Music Group
S.D.Y.P Music Group , is a company that strives to give artists that major label push while covering 70% of the cost of Marketing & Promotion . Putting independent artists in the ears of keyholders ( Program Directors , A&Rs , C.E.Os , Major Labels , & etc . If approved for distribution through this company expect your music to be submitted to over 40,000 radio stations .
S.D.Y.P Records
S.D.Y.P Records mainly focuses on the youth ; knowing that the cost of distribution , publishing , and promotion can be high for someone under 18 without the funds . So at S.D.Y.P Records we make sure your music gets distributed , published , & promoted . While giving you free promotion tools through our Parent Company .
S.D.Y.P The Label
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