Tyonna M Keyz!, Is a 25 year old up and coming Independent artist! Tyonna was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, she discovered her talent at a very young age. 5 years old she loved the drums and 7 years old she began to play the piano, and by 9 she was very fluent in her craft her up roots were Church and Her religion is Hebrew Pentecostal and is still a firm believer, also she discovered she could sing when she got to be a teenager and took it more serious and started singing more! Her influences in music are, Tank, Sam Cooke, Oscar Peterson, Smokie Norful, and Dorothy Norwood. She’s grown to be a talented musician and singer, and hope to bring people from all walks of life together through music.


Ron l alston better known by my stage name Push. I’m an American rapper out of Sanford fl I’m 25 years old and I been rapping for about 4 years..I also attended college at MHU playing football. where I started to find love for rap..me and my friends would get on beats before the game to hype us up in the locker room..but yeah so time I ran into a couple deaths in the family that really hurt me and now the love for makin music became a hobby and I’ve been pushing since I want the world to know my story now💯🚀

IceBaby TY

Yeah I'm cool, but don't make me heat up!

Hbk Youngin

Gotta make a way for me and people and I don't plan on stopping until we straight. I go by HBK Youngin out of FMB, tap in and strap in..we on go!


Female Rapper, Song writer, Dancer from Broward county fl. A real girl for the rap game, a magnetic voice with a cool and sexy vibe. its all about FUN and getting all the Money I want.🐉

Ant Tha Great

1 of the 4 Chiefah's from Chiefah Gang. Born and raised a Florida boy, you can hear it how I talk, see it when I walk and feel it in my bars. Tap in and see how I got here!

Chiefah Gang

Chiefah Gang is a group made up of 5 members who are big weed smokers.These members are known as Ant Tha Great, CheF Nesse, Kid Buck, P Chiefah, and Casper. They became Chiefah Gang before they started music. Growing up in different areas but ending up at the same college, an unbelievable bond was formed. Which then lead up to the bunch of friends creating a versatile rap group with an extremely unique sound that are gainging fans by the day. Each member of the group has their own sound, style, and flow which make the group uncomparable to most groups. The individuality of everyone's rap style grew from having many hotbox sessions while freestyling over instrumentals. From R&B & hip hop to rap, these guys show fierce versatility when it comes down to making a record. Whether they write down their lyrics or spit versus off the dome, they always sync energy to create hot bars.

CheF Nesse

I go by CheF Nesse. I am a member of Chiefah Gang. Originally from Southern California, I moved to Miami about 6 years ago to go to college and pursue a career in culinary arts. I met the rest of the gang here at culinary school in the basketball gym and we instantly clicked. We meshed so well on the court that we ended up forming an inseparable bond off the court. We started smoking weed together and soon realized no one else smoked quite like us. Thus Chiefah Gang was born. I've been writing music for almost 2 years before I ever even thought about pursuing a career in music. It was just a hobby for me. Only when other members of the group started freestyling during hotboxes and recording short freestyles on this app called RapChat, did we think that we could do this for real. I recorded my first verse and instantly fell in love. Now I just cant seem to put the mic down. My music style is very unique. I still write most of my music and put much time and thought into each line, and deliver them with a unique, one of a kind voice. My 4 main passions in life are basketball, cooking, music, and of course smoking weed.

Don Eyekon

Don Eyekon (Eye-Con) is a Swedish rapper born 1987 and raised in Gothenburg during the 90s. A troubled kid that found his outlet in music. He started to write Swedish raps and perform at his school 97'. He stopped creating new music in 2007 after he started to work with one of the biggest crime organizations in the world. He left that life 2016 and found his way back to music with the tracks Lyrical Murder and Comeback at the very end of 2019. 2020 - Be be continued


1Legend was born Larry Lacy in Delray Beach, Florida on October, 21st Under the influences of such artistic legends as Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, James Brown and Barry White his love for music was evident through the lyrics he recited. Times in his life were faced with many difficulties due to being raised in the poverty-stricken areas of Palm Beach County , Fl. Always a leader in all his endeavors he is currently focusing his talents towards his career goals he strives at topping the charts in the music industry. In 1999 he began creating music with the foundation that is now known as CSEMG formerly known as Chiefstyle Entertainment he has invested many hours into this future giant. With a numerous amount of albums and mixtapes under his belt 1 Legend is here to prove CEO can in fact be amazing artists.


Lolo Mazerati


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