CheF Nesse

CheF Nesse

Record Label : Chiefah Gang


I go by CheF Nesse. I am a member of Chiefah Gang. Originally from Southern California, I moved to Miami about 6 years ago to go to college and pursue a career in culinary arts. I met the rest of the gang here at culinary school in the basketball gym and we instantly clicked. We meshed so well on the court that we ended up forming an inseparable bond off the court. We started smoking weed together and soon realized no one else smoked quite like us. Thus Chiefah Gang was born. I've been writing music for almost 2 years before I ever even thought about pursuing a career in music. It was just a hobby for me. Only when other members of the group started freestyling during hotboxes and recording short freestyles on this app called RapChat, did we think that we could do this for real. I recorded my first verse and instantly fell in love. Now I just cant seem to put the mic down. My music style is very unique. I still write most of my music and put much time and thought into each line, and deliver them with a unique, one of a kind voice. My 4 main passions in life are basketball, cooking, music, and of course smoking weed.

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