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Chiefah Gang

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Chiefah Gang


Chiefah Gang is a group made up of 5 members who are big weed smokers.These members are known as Ant Tha Great, CheF Nesse, Kid Buck, P Chiefah, and Casper. They became Chiefah Gang before they started music. Growing up in different areas but ending up at the same college, an unbelievable bond was formed. Which then lead up to the bunch of friends creating a versatile rap group with an extremely unique sound that are gainging fans by the day. Each member of the group has their own sound, style, and flow which make the group uncomparable to most groups. The individuality of everyone's rap style grew from having many hotbox sessions while freestyling over instrumentals. From R&B & hip hop to rap, these guys show fierce versatility when it comes down to making a record. Whether they write down their lyrics or spit versus off the dome, they always sync energy to create hot bars.

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