Don Woodz

Don Woodz

S.D.Y.P The Movement


Don Woodz. Born and raised in the poka beans. Started writing rhymes at age right as a way to escape the increasing crime rate of my city and state. Not knowing I was destined to be great. At age 11, I wrote a song for Gold Coast Skating rink. By age 20, I was turning down deals and telling labels to fuck off. I've preformed at the Marlin's stadium in front on thousands, at G5 and M.I.A Live and this was in 2009 before those events were even popular. I've performed in Calle ocho, Miramar, Hialeah, Town, Wynwood, Allapattah etc etc off my own independent grind. Just like my latest single titled I'm Good, I'm good in each and every neighborhood. My city loves me and I love my city. They wondering what I'm going to do! Time to show them!!

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