P.G.M.G Global
P.G.M.G Global
P.G.M.G ( Positive Grind Management Group ) was created for independent Artists & Independent Labels . We understand it's a struggle while you attempt to grind positively . Also we understand as a team it will be easier to keep pushing & not get discouraged . So we partner with our artists & Labels by fronting up to 60% of the distribution cost. Also due to our new partnership with S.D.Y.P The Movement we can now give our clients the tool they need to further their career as young C.E.Os & Artists. Lets keep grinding , lets keep striving , and lets keep doing it the postive way .


Rootchel Hyppolite (born June 4, 1990) I'ma Haitian/American upcoming artist also known by my stage name H-BOII. I'm known for my musical talent and ability to rap on a wide variety of beats.

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