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Killa Da Hustla

Killa Da Hustla

Record Label: S.D.Y.P Global


Darrien C Robinson known as Killa Da Hustla or Mr.Keep It 400,was borned and raised in Memphis, Tn. By way of Chicago, Illinois and Cedar Rapids,Iowa Killa Da Hustla has been doing just that "hustling". Taking care of his family and chasing a bag honestly is all he know. Killa Da Hustla has been into the music business seriously 4 years ago but actually in the doing it since about 2010."It's been a very slow process but I've done alot of networking collabs with various artists car shows,videos.By signing on with S.D.Y.P Global in late 2018 I have been more focused on the business aspect of things rather than the artist side.The journey has been a great experience,watching not only myself grow but S.D.Y.P Global and the people around me as artists and CEOs.I'm looking forward to seeing what the future brings,says Killa Da Hustla.The 5th of March 2019 is when Killa Da Hustla and his imprint Hard 4 Campaign released "From The City to The Boondocks" a nice pump up album to let the world know he still here.