Madd Mann H

Madd Mann H

Record Label: S.D.Y.P Global


Harold Joseph Hartfield Jr. a talented individual from the west coast.Born and raised in Compton and now residing in Lancaster. Moving to Lancaster was a choice he had to make to finance himself better.He has loved music his whole life and been in the musical world for about 13 years. Facing numerous obstacles he continues to be that warrior that he is.Going with the stage name Madd Mann H he signed on to S.D.Y.P Global in October of 2019 releasing "My House" on Halloween. "S.D.Y.P Global has been very supportive and helping me get my music out there and in the system without a headache, thats big for me.Without S.D.Y.P Global I probably would still be waiting to drop something " says Madd Mann H. Be looking forward to Madd Mann H coming to a city near you.

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