NBM Marcello

NBM Marcello

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S.D.Y.P The Movement


Mark Thompson Jr. a.k.a NBM MARCELLO , born & raised on March 6, 1999 in New Orlean, Louisiana. Life hasn’t been the best for MARCELLO as he tries to make it out the “Desire Projects “ in an area many know as the 9th Ward . As he works on making a better life for his wife & son ; he also plans on being the example to his community & the world as a whole . With plans to Encourage The Youth To Pursue Whatever it is They May want To Be In Life ; he started his own brand & movement “NBM” ( in which, it means Nothing But Money ) in 2017 with his business partners Alexis Augustus a.k.a “Rabbit “ (A Close Friend ) , and Jaynice Thompson aka JayButters ( His Wife ) . He wants to show the world that there is no limit to what you can achieve and he welcomes anyone that’s hungry for it to come join the “NMB” movement . But in the words of “NBM MARCELLO “ you gotta be All ABOUT THE MONEY , you have to bring something to the table, & understand that it’s bigger than music . Now with new year 2020 cranking up , he links up with the owner of S.D.Y.P The Movement . Closing a Distribution , Publishing , & Merch Deal for himself and the NBM brand . Starting off the deal with his first single “Lonely “ dropping January 1, 2020 on all major platforms . NBM MARCELLO is the definition of what young entrepreneurs, family men , & CEOs should be. --

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