I'm AyoBudd, I've been producing music for over 5 years using FL Studio. I started when I was a sophomore in high school, and haven't stopped since. I progressed from making Electronic music, to now making Beats. I've always had a creative side to me, and have had a need to express my self through art in many ways. What separates me from others is my will to work, and learn new things every step of the way. I'm always wanting to do something different from everybody else.

CBD Beatz

Sup! I'm Christophe Beaulieu / - CBD BEATSZ ,from Montreal Quebec Canada, Just a cool cat who's passionate about all type of music and soundsz !

Marquis Lacy

(29) Marquis "Lacy" is a American artist, engineer & music producer specializing in Hip Hop/Rap, R&B and Pop music.

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