F.A.B Recordings

Fluent About Business Recordings is a record label based out of Brooklyn,NY. The label is focused primarily on hip hop, rap, r&b. F.A.B Recordings was founded by Stanley Caesar in his hometown shortly after a leave of absence from Buffalo State College in 2018.

Chiefah Gang

Avail Records, Inc.

Avail Records, Inc., a Tavah Entertainment Company, is a Christian record label that produces Contemporary Christian/Rhythm & Praise Urban Gospel, and Christian Rap music. We are a record company that cares about its artist(s) and we strive to develop and present their music ministry to the world. Our Mission Statement Avail Records' mission is to present the Gospel, from the Bible, through music by creating quality Christian family-oriented entertainment for the listening audience to enjoy. We are a non-discriminating organization that upholds Christian morals, which are reflected in every musical selection we produce. Our music meets the highest standard of Christian values and we strive to continue to produce music that will inspire all of our listeners to Jesus Christ.

Real OG Records

Real OG Records - The label for talented youth of our World! Artists coming from Ganglife, crime or prison will be Published for free req, 9-19 Age. https://www.realogrecords.com

Chiefstyle Music Group, LLC

Chiefstyle Music Group LLC is family related Recording Company registered under Sunbiz.gov hailing from Delray Beach, Fl. With several upcoming releases the Label has started a consistent track record of creating buzz worthy projects. CSEMG formed as a label in early 2004 after working together musically for many years creating great sounds. With 1Legend being a great storytelling MC as well as a “real-life artist” meaning he touches topics on politics with ease all the while encasing lyricism in a catchy way, his cohort Lacy styles himself with music production as well as catchy melody

K-DUBB Productions

East Bay's underground hotspot of talent.

S.D.Y.P Global

Our Mission Statement is to always provide Global Distribution to all independent labels and artists. We focus on the movement of music knowing that distribution is destined to be in total control. S.D.Y.P Global stands on," you gotta work hard for what you want".Businesses are booming everyday GLOBALLY.

Just The Beginning Ent, LLC

JTB was founded by Mont Muzikk. JTB stands for “Just The Beginning” no matter how successful u are in life it’s always Just The Beginning.

We Top Tier Music Group

Undeniable Music Group

S.D.Y.P Southern Africa

Block Gang Mafia Music Group

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