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Artist Management

Management is a combination of all of our services ; but it includes us assisting you get your business affairs in order . While bringing more structure to the business aspect of your music career .


Global Music Distribution

Our Global Music Distribution services was build for Artists , Labels , Managers , & Independent distributors . We set you up to be your own distributor , assist with major promotion for your releases , and also give you the tools you need to exclusively promote yourself in a major way.


Music Publishing Administration

Music Publishing Administration is very important and yes as a songwriter or publisher you register for $0-$250 yourself at societies like BMI, ASCAP ,& Sesac . But this isn't enough for you to probably collect your royalties ; you would still need a Music Publishing Administrator to help you collect with all societies & in all countries globally whether you're a songwriter, artist , label or an independent publisher .


Pr & Branding

Our PR Branding Services will help you establish a presence in Major Media outlets . In which that includes Placements , Brand Awareness , Interviews , Playlisting , and much more .


Radio Campaigns

Are you tired of going to one Radio Station , DJ , or Club at a time ? if so this what you need you can have your music submitted & in steady rotation on a monthly basis . All you have to do is start with our radio campaign & let us do the rest .


Single Promotion

We understand the importance of properly promoting your hit single . So we've come up with successful promotion campaigns that will help you get seen & heard across the globe .


Social Media Growth

This Includes Organically growing your instagram account by targeting individuals & brands in your niche . We manage your account from the inside to ensure we are efficient . You should expect your engagement . insights , likes , & followers to increase 75% - 250% Per Month .